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The Black Metal Princess

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Escape from Spa 9

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Deleted Scenes

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  • The Lilac Moon
  • The Black Metal Princess
  • Escape From Spa 9
  • Deleted Scenes
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The list above includes the tracks from the 3 main albums (The Lilac Moon, The Black Metal Princess and Escape from Spa 9). The tracks from the "Deleted Scenes" album have been spliced back into their original places in order to tell the story chronologically. Locate each track's respective number on the map below.

Other Creative Contributors & Co-Founders

TRAUN 1995 Part 1 of the Original Multimedia Live Performances

The Tron project was formed by Joe Willis, Alfred (Daedelus) and David Murray in 1995. During a rehearsal, the character Tron (from the legendary Sci-Fi movie by the same name) Traun 1 Postercame to mind riding inside a translucent elevator above an alien desert.

We expanded upon the music and story, eventually enlisting our artist friends Dave Bergmann and Colby Bluth to add illustrations to the project. This culminated into a single live performance with the illustrations projected next to the band on stage.

Traun 1 collage

TRAUN 1996 Part 2 of the Original Multimedia Live Performances

Traun 2 Poster

The following year we decided to make a much broader sequel. The Search For Tron - A Detective's Story. The music covered Jazz, Metal, Fusion, World, Electronic and various attempts at experimental music. The flow of the music once again evoked a science fiction story covering many lands, characters and situations - mostly centered around a detective character named Mel Function. Tron 2 was performed at a single live event, again featuring projected illustrations from Colby Bluth and Dave Bergmann.

Also, the audio from the demo we recorded to ADAT was recently rescued. I have whittled down the one-take live recording (which is far from perfect) from 55 minutes to 8 minutes.

Traun Story Map
Click Here to View All The Illustrations | Artwork by Colby Bluth with Dave Bergmann

TRAUN 1998 Part 3 of the Original Multimedia Live Performances

Traun 1 Poster

Although Tron 2 ended with a cliff hanger - we had no intention of finishing the Tron Trilogy. However, we did crank out the final Tron in 1998. It was at this time that we changed the name of the project to be phonetically identical - but with a unique spelling. Later i realized this was not unique at all, because there is a city in Austria named Traun.

No demo was recorded unfortunately, but a copy of the live show ended up in my archive which i've edited down for posterity.

Traun 3 images

TRAUN 2003 The Deserts of Traun: part 3 The Lilac Moon (CD)

The Traun CD represents the best of the old Tron catalog with some new additions. It was recorded and assembled in LA by Paul McKee.

The Fruitless Kingdom 2012 The Animated Series

FK collage

A veteran film and TV screenwriter expressed interest in writing the first 3 episodes of Traun. The project was renamed The Fruitless Kingdom. We pitched it to various animation studios in LA who liked the rich and compelling worlds we portrayed - but the studios we met with were not interested in making traditional animation.

Tholus Album Cover

THOLUS Constant

After I released the 2003 version of Traun I started working on a death-metal project with my old friend Mike Johnson. A few of his pieces are included in the 2003 version of Traun, as well as in the upcoming Traun albums. The music for the Tholus project is all his original material, and was released in 2007.

I’d say the style is a hearty blend of Carcass/Cannibal Corpse/Death sounding compositions, with death-metal jazz drumming.

Musicians: Dave Murray (Drums, Vocals), Aaron Ortiz (Vocals), Wally Scharold and Rob Pumpelly of MiRthkon (Guitars) , Kevin Kmetz of Estradasphere (Lead Guitar), Dan Robbins (Lead Bass). Featuring the voice of Richard Hoagland

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